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Meet our Executive Director

J. T. Turner, LMFT

I have been the Executive Director of our agency since 1996, and have a strong commitment to making the work we do with mental health clients as much of a partnership as possible. One of the things I wanted to do soon after arriving was to articulate our values as an agency. Staff, clients and members of our Board of Directors have all worked to distill what we do into this set of values.

Here, then, are Crescend Health's guiding values:

      We involve clients as much as possible in all aspects of the service they receive.
      We focus on the person's capabilities and potential, not their diasabilty.
      We help with any effects and symptoms arising from their disability.
      We aim to create contexts for services that are as normal as possible.
      We encourage staff and our clients to try new things and be creative.
      We see fun, humor, and artistic expression as central to a full life.
      We are committed to social justice. We aim to nurture a community that promotes physical and mental well being.
      We believe in meaningful work as a path to rehabilitation.We work with clients as much as possible as colleagues.
      We believe in feedback and use it. Let us be as open as we can be.
      We focus on clients not only as recipients of service but as providers of enrichment to our community.
      Above all, we value kindness as the foundation for what we do.

Feel free to contact me at (805) 965-3434 or email me at jt@crescendhealth.org

J. T. Turner, M.Phil., M.A. (MFT license #34643)
Executive Director

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